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Teleconsultation Services

CIF Central Corp. Medical Clinic doctors are available via online consultation for both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 cases. Here's how you can schedule a teleconsultation:

Step One

Book your teleconsultation appointment via call or email.

0969-1197955 (SMART)
0995-3022232 (GLOBE)

Step Two

Provide our customer service representative the following information:

Complete Name
Date of Birth

Contact Number
Email Address
Preferred Schedule
Reason for Consultation

Step Three

Wait for a CIF representative to confirm your schedule via

text/ email.

Payment details will be sent to your contact details upon confirmation. 

Step 4

Prepare for your scheduled teleconsultation.

After your schedule, requested prescriptions or diagnostic results will be sent to your email address.

Don't forget to post your feedback so we can continue to improve our healthcare services!

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